RC YoWhatsApp APK v10.2 Download (Official) Latest Version 2024

App Name RC YoWhatsApp APK
Publisher GBWHAT
Size 62 MB
Latest Version v10.2
Get it On Google Play
Required 4.4 +
MOD For Android
Genre Communication
Developer Richar Correa
Update 4 months ago
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People think RC YoWhatsApp is important and value it more than any other app, according to research. A Whatsapp mod called RC YoWhatsApp Apk was created by unidentified developers and is based on YoWhatsapp.It has a lot of special features that set it apart from YoWhatsapp and the official WhatsApp. This mod has the UI of IOS Whatsapp that’s why it is becoming popular nowadays.

If you enjoy using Whatsapp on the iOS operating system, this mod is for you. With the help of this RC YoWhatsapp mod apk, you can now use Whatsapp for iOS on an Android device.

RC WhatsApp has a lot of features that make it outstanding to official WhatsApp. Let's look at the main features of the RC YoWhatsApp apk Download.

RC YoWhatsApp APK: App info

Below listed is basic information about the RC YoWhatsApp application.

  1. The file size is 48 MB large.
  2. Alex is the developer's name.
  3. The app was most recently updated on February 28, 2024.
  4. The most recent release is 7.9.

RC YoWhats APK Features

RC Whatsapp is well-known for its distinctive features and interface. We are unable to cover all of this Whatsapp's features, but we can list some of its key ones.


This is the most well-known and popular feature of this Whatsapp mod apk. This Whatsapp mod includes an IOS Whatsapp user interface. You no longer need to switch from your Android device to use Whatsapp AZ for iPhone.

Anti Ban

The Whatsapp mod apk also has an anti-ban feature that protects your Whatsapp account from being banned. You will never be banned because it is anti-ban while using this Whatsapp. As a result, Whatsapp RC YoWhatsApp mod is safe to install.

More Themes

Royal YoWhatsapp mod comes with 150+ very original and fantastic themes. You can now download and install such themes on WhatsApp to give it a more stylish and attractive look. Your experience with WhatsApp is increased. Additionally, you may surprise your fellow users with this Whatsapp's interesting themes feature.

Anti Revoke Message

The anti-revoke message is the most expensive and beneficial feature offered by WhatsApp. You may choose the deleted messages to reply to and see all of the Whatsapp messages that have been deleted for everyone. Your friends will be surprised by you if you use a feature like this.

Anti Status Delete

You may access your friends and family members' deleted statuses with this feature of RC Whatsapp. You may reply to them in addition to just observing them.

Status Downloader

This features a built-in status downloader. You may easily download your family members' and friends' Whatsapp status updates with this helpful app. If you are using this Whatsapp mod you do not need any third-party applications for downloading Whatsapp statuses.

Hide/Freeze Last Seen

You can hide and freeze your last seen with this Whatsapp mod apk. You can become offline while remaining online in this manner. You can now use Whatsapp while your last seen is frozen.

DND Mode

This Whatsapp mod also offers a DND mode that enables you to completely disconnect from Whatsapp. You will no longer send and receive texts from other people once you enable this feature. You can shut down WhatsApp instantly using this feature.

Auto Reply

A custom message can be written for each person who messages you and it will be sent to them even if you are not available thanks to the auto-reply feature of the Whatsapp mod.

Message Scheduler

With the message scheduler included in this mod apk, you can send various messages to various recipients at various times. You can attract more clients and customers in this way. You will find it to be very beneficial.

Blue Ticks After Reply

You can enable blue ticks in this Whatsapp after responding to the chat in this WhatsApp. You can read the messages without displaying blue ticks if you enable this feature. Once you respond to the chat, only blue ticks will be visible to your contacts.

RC YoWhatsApp APK: Installation guide

You can install the RC YoWhatsapp file by following these easy steps.

  • You must download the RC YoWhatsApp apk from a third-party, virus-free website since it is not accessible through the Google Play store.
  • Allow unknown resources to access your device so that it can download applications from third parties.
  • From the link above, download the RC YoWhatsApp apk.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, you can start using the program.
  • You can use and enjoy the best features of the top-rated RC
  • YoWhatsApp once you register the number with your account.

Wrap up

RC Whatsapp is a Whatsapp mod. It has an iOS interface and all of the features of the iPhone Whatsapp. It is based on YoWhatsapp and incorporates all of its features that's why called RC YoWhatsApp. This mod apk actually has a few additional distinctive features. The RC YoWhatsapp now has more themes and styles. It is safe and secure to use this mod apk. Additionally, it has an anti-ban feature that guards against account bans.

The RC WhatsApp app's features and associated information have all been thoroughly explained. On your Android device, you can download the virus-free RC Whatsapp APK and take advantage of its more sophisticated features.


Is using RC YoWhatsapp safe?

Yes, using RC Whatsapp is safe. It contains no malicious code or viruses. As a result, you can use it anywhere without restriction.

How I can update RC YoWhatsapp Apk?

Keep visiting this website for updates regarding the app.

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