GBWhatsApp MiNi Apk v9.90 Download (Official) For Android 2024

App Name GBWhatsApp MiNi Apk
Publisher GBWHAT
Size 36.6 MB
Latest Version v9.90
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Required 5.0 +
MOD For Android
Genre Communication
Developer Atnaf Hoaks
Update 6 months ago
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WhatsApp is the most well-known and practical social media communication app worldwide. Many people use various WhatsApp mods all over the world. Are you looking for the stunning GBWhatsapp Mini mod as well? If that is the case, you have come to the right place as we will be explaining this modified version in this article. The creator of this mod version is AtnofHoaks.

The greatest substitute for the original WhatsApp is GBWhatsapp Mini, which offers all of the features of the original WhatsApp along with a few exclusive features that are not found in other WhatsApp versions. GBWhatsapp Mini is essentially a scaled-down version of the original GB WhatsApp. Since everyone wants to keep their data secure and private, this mod version improved the privacy features.

GBWhatsapp Mini

This is a premium app for you if you wish to use the primary highlights and get rid of the secondary view. GBWhatsApp Mini is a condensed version of GBWhatsApp. The Lite version's primary benefit is battery and storage savings. The most reliable and stable mod that provides every option for customization and privacy is this one.


Convenient User Interface

Everyone can easily learn and use GBWhatsapp Mini thanks to its user-friendly interface. This mod version's user interface makes it simple for new users to grasp and utilize all of its features. It draws a sizable user base to itself because of its user interface.

A Large Variety Of Themes

Users become frustrated and disinterested with the official Whatsapp version's single, green-themed logo and lack of other themes. In contrast, GBWhatsapp Mini offers thousands of pre-installed themes that users can select and utilize at any time. Users of this modified version have the option to share themes with their friends in addition to downloading themes one at a time or in bulk.

Various Emojis, Stickers And Fonts Sizes

Emojis are very helpful in understanding how others are feeling. Users have access to a large selection of emojis in this modified version, which they can utilize to express their emotions while chatting with friends, family, and other people. Users can utilize a wide variety of sticker packs in this modified version, which also has a variety of stickers available. Users of GBWhatsapp Mini have the option to customize the appearance of their conversations by using different font sizes.

Establish Custom Wallpaper Per Contact

Each chat box in GBWhatsapp Mini can have a different wallpaper applied to it. They can make the background of their chats visually appealing by selecting any of their favorite wallpapers.

Hide Forwarded Tag

When we forward a voicemail, picture, video, or message from someone using the official WhatsApp app, the forwarded tag appears at the top of the message, letting the recipient know that the message was forwarded by them. GBWhatsapp Mini resolves this problem. Another wonderful feature is that when users of this modified version forward a voice message, picture, video, or text, the forwarding tag is hidden.

Hide Online Status

Although you could always hide your online status on the original WhatsApp, there are moments when we are so exhausted that we do not want anyone to know we are using the app. However, users of GBWhatsapp Mini can choose to conceal their online status. When this feature is enabled, users can choose which contacts to include or exclude, and the chosen contacts will not be able to tell if they are online or not.

Hide Double Tick

Official WhatsApp users cannot hide the blue tick, but GB Whatsapp Mini users can hide the double tick. The feature that displays a double tick indicates that your message has been sent but has not yet been viewed. However, you can disable this feature in GB WhatsApp Mini so that the sender only sees a single tick. This is an amazing GBWhatsapp Mini feature.

Hide Blue Tick

One great feature of Gb WhatsApp Mini is that it allows users to hide blue ticks. The recipient has read your message, as indicated by the blue checkmark. Mini users of Gb WhatsApp have the option to hide a blue tick, leaving only a black tick visible. This implies that if a particular message is sent, the sender will receive a black tick regardless of whether you have viewed the message or not.

Hide Last Seen

The ability to conceal one's last seen on GBWhatsapp Mini is one of this mod version's amazing features. When they activate this feature, nobody will be able to see when they last used GBWhatsapp Mini.

Send Messages Without Saving a Number

Sending a message to someone on the official WhatsApp app requires first saving their number before we can message them. It takes a lot of time to complete this process, but GBWhatsapp Mini helps users by allowing them to message anyone without saving a number.

Inbuilt App & Chat Lock

Users have the option to lock this application, which prevents anybody else from accessing their account. Additionally, this mod version gained a great deal of popularity because of another appealing feature.

Anti-Ban Feature

The majority of users avoid downloading any mod versions because they believe that they are unsafe and that their account may be banned at any time. However, GBWhatsapp Mini boasts an excellent anti-ban feature that ensures users' accounts remain safe and are never banned. This feature ensures that users never experience any issues and that their account functions correctly at all times.

GBWhatsapp Mini Caller ID

One of the best features of GBWhatsapp Mini is that it makes it easier for users to recognize unknown callers. We are occasionally concerned about unknown callers, such as those posing as charities, travel agencies, free trial providers, investment companies, and many more; however, because of this feature, users can identify the caller before answering. Users of this mod version can also block nuisance calls and numbers. Additionally, users have the option to enable the "Who can call me" feature, which allows them to block calls from friends and family. They have the authority to decide who can and cannot call them.

Multimedia Sharing

Users of the original WhatsApp frequently voiced complaints about the quality of the files; if the file is compressed, the quality drops and most files cannot be compressed; additionally, the size of the file may prevent it from being transmitted. GBWhatsapp Mini avoids these limitations, enabling users to share a wide range of large files, diverse file types, and lengthy videos without sacrificing quality or dividing them into smaller portions.

Anti-Revoke Messages Feature

The anti-virus messaging feature of GBWhatsapp Mini is one of its most incredible features. Users of this modified version of WhatsApp do not have to worry about this because GBWhatsapp Mini resolves this issue and allows users to easily read the deleted messages of the sender. In the original version of WhatsApp, when someone sends us a message and then deletes it, we worry about what they have deleted.

Anti-Delete Status

Users of GBWhatsapp Mini can view the deleted status of their contacts with the help of this feature, even if their contact deletes a status before 24 hours. This feature is not available when using the official version of WhatsApp and our contact deletes a status before 24 hours.

Status Download Option

According to official WhatsApp, users can download a specific contact's status by first downloading the status downloader application from the internet. Once they have the application, they can use it to download the contact's status. However, users of WhatsApp Mini in GB are not required to download the companion app. With GB WhatsApp mini, users can download any status with just one click.

Glorious DND Mode

Do not disturb mode is known as DND. Notifications from applications are disliked by many users. Therefore, users who enable the DND mode in GBwhatsapp Mini will not be distracted by any other notifications.

Ads Free Application

While many messaging apps force users to deal with a constant barrage of annoying advertisements, GB WhatsApp Mini users never see an ad because the app is completely ad-free. You can communicate without advertisements here, for a better overall experience.

Final Words

A scaled-down version of the original GB WhatsApp is called GBWhatsapp Mini. This modified version has many attractive and distinctive features. For my part, when I use this mod version, I forget about the original version. I promise that it is the safest and most secure substitute for the official WhatsApp. The download link for GBWhatsapp Mini is provided on this page. You can safely and freely download it from our website.


Is There an Anti-ban Feature on GBwhatsapp Mini?

Absolutely, GBwhatsapp Mini boasts an incredible anti-ban feature that ensures the security and continuous functionality of the user's account without ever being banned.

Is There any Cost Associated with Downloading and Using GBwhatsapp Mini?

No, there is no cost associated with using GBwhatsapp Mini; users can download, use, and take advantage of all of its amazing features without having to pay a single penny.

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