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App Name Blue WhatsApp Plus APK
Publisher GBWHAT
Size 72 MB
Latest Version v9.94
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Required 5.0 +
MOD For Android
Genre Communication
Developer Abu3rab
Update 6 months ago
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Many people are interested in using WhatsApp's many unique features. You should download the Blue WhatsApp APK if you fall into that category. To get around the restrictions of the official WhatsApp messenger, users turn to some of the greatest mods available, like GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Gold. Among them is the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK.

I will be your guide on all things Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk in this section. Along with the download and installation instructions, you will learn about the features of this modified version of WhatsApp. You must read this guide through to the end in order to learn these details.

Revolution of Instant Messaging

From the day of their birth until now, our fathers and ancestors have had an excessive amount of exposure to the outside world. It used to be possible to carry messages from one end to the other by walking too far, as you would discover if you asked them. We have everything we need right now to make points slower than they were previously.

Then, Instant Messaging would be at the top of the list when we see the most important details that make this feasible. Instant messaging took the internet by storm in 2010 with the introduction of WhatsApp.

WeChat and Facebook existed before WhatsApp, so it was not the first instant messaging app, but the convenience it provided was unprecedented for the time.

Even if we take a quick look at WhatsApp right now, we can see that over 2 billion people are presently using the messaging app to send and receive billions of messages per minute.

That is what is meant to be called magical statistics, and according to chatter's mindsets, all of that is without a single extra privilege. Try Blue Whatsapp Plus if you are hoping for some long-term advantages with WhatsApp.

What is Blue WhatsApp Plus?

Blue WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp Messenger that enables you to use many features that are not present in the app's official version. As implied by its name, WhatsApp Blue's most recent version operates in the same way.

This incredible WhatsApp mod, which you can download and install on your Android device for free and without spending any money, was made by a third-party developer who discovered certain limitations in WhatsApp.


As you are aware, once people learned about the features offered by this app, the popularity of this WhatsApp mod started to grow. The community of users with Blue WhatsApp Plus is quite large. You will learn about many amazing features provided by Blue WhatsApp. There are new features that are not available in the original Blue WhatsApp Plus version.

Complete Blue Interface

This is one of the best and coolest features of Blue WhatsApp Plus that you will notice right away. If you are tired of the monotonous green WhatsApp interface, you can change it to blue. This app is based on WhatsApp, but you can enjoy a completely new theme in this new version of the WhatsApp mod.

Everything in this modded version of WhatsApp will be blue to you. This app has changed the color's opacity so that it is no longer in contrast form. If you like the color blue, you should take advantage of this opportunity and download Blue WhatsApp.

Backup & Restore

If you have a new phone and install WhatsApp, you will have the option to restore your backup. Blue WhatsApp allows you to back up your WhatsApp chats so that you can easily upload them to your new device. So, when you upload your backup media, you will have access to your old group chats and will be able to use your account as you did on the old device without losing any data.

Freeze Last Seen

Blue WhatsApp allows you to pause the last scene. Even if you are online, no one will be able to determine when you were last online. This feature is not available in the official WhatsApp.

Customize Accordingly

As you may know, this WhatsApp-modified version is available in blue for those who prefer that color. However, if you have downloaded the APK file of this app and installed it on your phone, there is no need to be concerned if your mind has changed.

You can change the color and customize the app to your liking. This nearly identical app is almost identical to the original WhatsApp app, but you can customize it to give it a unique look.

Built-In Media Downloader

If you like the status of your WhatsApp contacts, you will want to have it. If you cannot directly ask him to send you the status, it is preferable to download Blue WhatsApp Plus on your Android device, which includes the option to download WhatsApp statuses to your phone.

You no longer need to request that the person send the status. If you like a status, simply click the download button, and that WhatsApp status will be saved on your phone without the need to spend money or download any external media downloader apps.

Message Unsaved Number

When you are annoyed by someone and want to know who he is, normal people will send a message to that person on WhatsApp. You no longer need to save a number before sending a message.

Send Messages Offline

You can use WhatsApp Blue APK to send messages. If you do not have an internet connection, you can still use this messaging app to send a message. The message will be saved on WhatsApp's server, and when you connect to the internet, it will be sent to the person to whom you wrote the message.

Change WhatsApp Blue to iPhone Style

You can make your old and boring WhatsApp look like iOS with the help of this upgraded and modified version of the WhatsApp app.

No Fees

You will not be charged to download and install this fantastic app. You can easily download the most recent version of WhatsApp Blue APK. Many apps charge you when you use the pro features, but you will not have to worry about that with Blue WhatsApp Plus APK.

How to Install Blue WhatsApp Plus APK on Android?

  1. Download the most recent APK file from the link provided above.
  2. When the download is finished, open the APK file and tap "Install."
  3. Allow "Unknown Sources" from the settings if prompted.
  4. Continue with the installation and wait for it to complete.
  5. Now, launch WhatsApp Plus Blue and enter your phone number.
  6. You only need to verify your mobile number to get started.
  7. That is all! You have completed the installation of WhatsApp Plus Blue on your Android device. You can now use all of Blue WhatsApp Plus's features without restriction.


Everything has benefits and drawbacks, making it both futuristic and brutal in nature. However, WhatsApp Plus Blue will not distract you with numerous drawbacks within the interface.

The only disadvantage would be inferior security. We cannot guarantee complete security for your WhatsApp account while using Blue WhatsApp Plus. Using the most powerful feature of this amazing WhatsApp MOD occasionally temporarily bans a WhatsApp account.


We have walked you through every aspect of Blue WhatsApp Plus. So, if you want to download WhatsApp Blue in the new version, the installation process outlined on this page will ensure that you have no issues. We do not like using the basic app version, which is why we have discovered this amazing WhatsApp MOD for you called Blue WhatsApp Plus.

The thrill is on its way, and you are eager to get started on your Android Smartphone as soon as possible. Do not put up with such beautiful technology and download WhatsApp Plus Blue by FouadMods by clicking the download link above.

People Also Ask

What exactly is the Blue WhatsApp Messenger?

WhatsApp Blue APK is a WhatsApp mod that includes various chatting features. Through the aesthetic aspects of the WhatsApp experience, you can enjoy chatting with your friends.

Is Blue WhatsApp Plus Safe to Use?

The Blue WhatsApp Plus app version is as safe as the actions of your best antivirus.

What is the Procedure for Updating Blue WhatsApp Plus?

If you believe you have previous versions of WhatsApp mods, you can update WhatsApp Blue by clicking the download button. As a result, you can download the most recent version of this mod and begin using Blue WhatsApp Plus in its updated version.

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