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App Name OGWhatsApp APK
Publisher GBWHAT
Size 69 MB
Latest Version v17.55
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Required 4.4 +
MOD For Android
Genre Communication
Developer AlexMods
Update 7 months ago
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Many individuals look for an ideal casual chatting program to communicate with their friends, families, and others. OGWhatsApp Apk Download is an excellent alternative for staying in touch with your loved ones. It is a safe mod of the original WhatsApp that includes new functionality. For personal usage, you can use OGWhatsApp Apk as your secondary/primary account.

In the following article, I'll tell you about OGWhatsApp, its functionality, and other details. I'm going to guide you through the process of downloading and installing this mod. To learn more about this mod, please read the entire post and provide me with your beneficial feedback.

OGWhatsApp …..a remarkable app!

OGWhatsApp APK is a fantastic instant social messaging application that is a modification of the original WhatsApp. People prefer the app since it has extra functions that the official one does not have.

OGWhatsapp APK File Information

To download OGWhatsApp on your Android phone, the following conditions must be met; otherwise, the user will be unable to download OGWhatsApp APK.

  • Android 5.0 or above.
  • To install OGWhatsApp APK, you must have unknown sources enabled.
  • It is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones.

Download OGWhatsapp APK Here

You may download and use this Apk without worry: no one will cancel your account or access your data. Everything is absolutely secure. The privacy of this mode is the primary reason for its popularity among users. It allows us to regulate what other users can and cannot see, such as whether you are using Whatsapp or not, our receiving and message reading ticks and the ability to hide the voice notes recording tag.

Some Important Things to Know About OG Whatsapp

Here are several OGWhatsApp features that will make your experience appealing, and customized:

  • On your Android smartphone, you may use two WhatsApp accounts.
  • Change the colour and background of the unread message counter and background right in the chat window.
  • Set specific font colours for the status, unread message, and name to personalize contacts.
  • Set your photo in the discussion, both inside and outdoors. Use the call blocker tool to limit who may call you.
  • With simple customization tools, you may hide or show status.
  • A fingerprint lock is now used to control reading conversations.
  • Increase the privacy of contacts, groups, and broadcasts.
  • Send up to 100 photos to each contact at the same time.
  • Set a backdrop image with ease.
  • Create a status message of up to 250 words.

Features of OGWhatsapp APK

Anti-Ban Version

You may avoid being banned by using this app. This feature has rendered this application completely safe and secure to use. No one, not even the official WhatsApp version, can now prevent you from using this third-party application on your phone.

Anti-Delete Messages

You may read the Deleted messages by activating this functionality. So the next time someone deletes a message, you won't have to ask them what they removed. You can see what other individuals have removed and figure out what they are doing.

Anti-Delete Status

In this version of the WhatsApp APK file, you may check the WhatsApp status of your contacts. You may now respond to all statuses, even if they are deleted within 24 hours, and surprise your friends. This is one of the most effective privacy features for your Android phone.

Password Protected

Setting a password for a certain conversation is a really handy tool. The original WhatsApp does not have this functionality. This is one of OGWhatsApp's sophisticated features that you will not find in the official version of WhatsApp. You may save your chats from others in this anti-ban version of WhatsApp in this manner.

Colorful Themes

There are over 1000 custom themes available. You may choose whatever theme you like for your chat screen. If you are tired of the official WhatsApp version's dull themes, you may install the newest version of the OGWhatsApp APK on your phone and apply the theme that you believe is appropriate for your OGWhatsApp home screen.

Hide Online Status

This is one of the most recent features offered by OGWhatsApp for your personal use. You may conceal your WhatsApp presence status so that no one notices and tries to find out when you used OGWhatsApp on your Android smartphone.

Calling Unsaved Numbers

You may send a message or call anyone without adding their phone number to your contact list. This function saves you time. As a result, you no longer need to store a phone number before dialling. This way, you may not only receive calls from specified contacts but also call them without saving their phone number.

Status Downloader

Without an external status downloader, you cannot download the statuses published by your contacts in official WhatsApp. This functionality allows you to download status without using an external status downloader. The official WhatsApp app does not allow you to download status updates to your phone.

Send Images Up To 90

You may send up to 90 photos to your contacts at once, which is not possible with the original WhatsApp. You won't have to keep selecting pictures and shorten the contacts for sending them with the help of OGWhatsApp Apk. You can send more photos than in the original WhatsApp.

Increased Characters For Group name

When it comes to creating a group name, OGWhatsApp gives us more characters. This mod exceeded the character restriction. You will have the total ability to write the whole WhatsApp group name if you want to set the name of your WhatsApp group attractive.

Pre-built Message Scheduler

The big advantage of this function is that by allowing it, you may wish someone or greet them at a certain moment. If you enable this option in OGWhatsApp APK, you will never be late again. This is one of the best features in this app for sending messages to a specific contact.

Increased Characters For Written Status

We may use this mod to insert extended articulations or constructed status messages of up to 250 words. You may now express yourself using the WhatsApp status of your WhatsApp account.

Writing status updates on the official WhatsApp account is restricted. No one can now stop you from expressing yourself through status updates because of the OGWhatsApp Apk.


OGWhatsApp makes your WhatsApp discussions more engaging by adding additional features such as emojis. There are several emojis available that are appropriate for different scenarios. For example, if someone is furious with you, you can send him a sorry emoji to show that you truly regret your actions. As a result, this fantastic function assists you in resolving your daily challenges.

Block specific contact number

If you are upset by receiving calls and are interrupted when using different applications, you may ban the contacts who irritate you in the OGWhatsApp Mod version. This is one of the most recent features available in the free messaging application.

Inbuilt WhatsApp Locker

This feature provides you with the advantage of being able to lock your whole app using a WhatsApp locker. If you download OGWhatsApp on your phone, no one will be able to view your personal chats and conversations without your consent. When you select this option, you may use privacy measures to protect your chats.

Copy anyone’s status

The official WhatsApp developers have not implemented this functionality, however, you may use it on your Android smartphone if you download OGWhatsApp. If you choose, you can copy the status of your contacts. You won't have to type the entire status by hand this way.

Dual Accounts

Many people are unable to use several accounts on various phones. In this mod, you may run two accounts. This feature allows you to move between accounts easily and preserves all of your controls in one location. With this version of the official WhatsApp account, you can make voice and video calls on your Android device.

How to Install OGWhatsApp APK

To download and install OGWhatsApp on your Android device, follow the instructions below:

  • To get the most recent version, click the download button in the box above.
  • Go to the device's downloads folder and locate the OGWhatsApp Apk file.
  • Install it just like any other app on your Android device.
  • To finish the setup, enter your phone number and select a display image for your profile.
  • You're finished. Enjoy the new and improved WhatsApp version.
  • Remember that if you wish to utilize two distinct WhatsApp accounts, you may install this Mod version alongside the standard WhatsApp version.

Final Words

We hope you successfully downloaded the OGWhatsApp APK from this post. If you encounter any problems, we recommend that you download it from the official website. It is without a doubt another fantastic WhatsApp Mod version to utilize. We've been using this app for a long time and have never had any problems. The developer will send you regular updates with new features and bug fixes.

OGWhatsApp APK is a terrific tool that adds a slew of new and unique features to the original Whatsapp. OGWhatsApp is not the official version of WhatsApp. It is said to be superior since it provides users with endless unlocked features and a better experience. Download from the authentic website because this Apk isn't accessible on the Google Play store.


Is it safe to download OGWhatsApp?

OGWhatsApp is designed and developed with the security of users' data in mind. It is completely safe to use, just like any other application you have on your device.

Is it possible to uninstall OGWhatsApp whenever I want?

Yes, all you have to do is go to your device's Applications Manager and uninstall the app like you would any other app.

Will I have to enable permission in order to install the device?

Go to your device's settings and then to applications, where you must enable the 'Unknown Sources' option to allow app download.

How can I upgrade the original WhatsApp?

Keep checking our website for the most recent OGWhatsApp update.

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