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App Name FMWhatsApp APK
Publisher GBWHAT
Size 69 MB
Latest Version v9.98
Get it On Google Play
Required 4.4 +
MOD For Android
Genre Communication
Developer FM-MODS
Update 7 months ago
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FMWhatsApp APK is the modified version of the official WhatsApp. It is also known as FMWA APK. In this modified app, you will get remarkable and stunning features. Most people want this modified FMWA APK because of its enhanced features. But you may face one common issue while using this app, delay in updating the latest version. So, if any new feature is introduced in the official app, FMWhatsApp APK takes time to adopt this feature.

You will get all the latest updates and information about FMWhatsApp APK from this page. In this post, you will learn about the advanced features and all the related information about FMWhatsApp APK. After reading this post, you can easily understand the FMWhatsApp APK and all your issues will also be clear.

What is FMWhatsApp APK?

This FMWhatsApp APK was developed by the Fouad app. It is one of the popular Mod versions of WhatsApp. Users will also get the modified features of WhatsApp and can enhance their experience after using these these functions you will get access to the enhanced security, holding, downloading and media sharing features and much more. When you get the FMWhatsApp APK on your Android device, you will get access to a more enhanced and amazing messaging app.

But the official WhatsApp provides you limited access to these features. For instance, using the official WhatsApp, you can send the message and make calls only on saved contacts. But the FMWhatsApp APK offers to make cake calls on unsaved contacts. You can experience the different other features of this app. FMWhatsApp APK allows you to customise the app, change font style and colours, and get various updated stickers. Additionally, it allows you to protect the account and chats with a password. Further, various enhanced security features are also available in this FMWA APK. All these capabilities are unavailable in the official WhatsApp.

What’s New in FMWhatsApp APK

The developers constantly add new features to FMWhatsApp. Further, they are seeking to fix all problems. So, it is essential to be aware of these kinds of latest modifications. So, you have to get the trendy updates and new functions of this APK version. In this text, you will get all the facts related to this app. The developers update this available APK file regularly on this website. The following are the new features of the app:

  • Using this app to meet new friends
  • It allows you to schedule the messages.
  • You will get access to the new themes collection.
  • Users can also use the voice changer function in this app.
  • A wide collection of stickers added to the app.
  • You can send messages without saving the content.
  • A huge collection of wallpaper is available in the FMWA.
  • Exclusive notification bar introduced in the app.
  • Various font styles are available in this FMWhatsApp APK.
  • A translator feature is also available.
  • You will get the Anto toast feature in this app.
  • The anti-ban feature is also available in the app.

List Of Features FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp APK gives various features that you can use on your Android device. The following is the list of these stunning features:

  • More Privacy Features
  • Themes And Customization
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Anti Ban
  • Status Downloading
  • Group Settings
  • Always Online
  • Chat Backup
  • Message Scheduler
  • Auto Reply

More Privacy Features

FMWhatsApp APK gives a remarkable feature in this service that you will get the enhanced privacy feature. Users will get a high level of control over their privacy and experience it in this app. When you are using the FMWhatsApp APK, you can hide your online status, typing, recording and blue tick status. This tool is best for people who want to get more privacy and want other people to know they are using WhatsApp. Moreover, this app allows you to hide your online from specific users and select the users who can see your profile image. So, get the app on your device and use this app.

Themes And Customization


In FMWhatsApp APK, you will get different types of customization options. For instance, you can customise the app theme. FMWhatsApp APK permits you to change the theme of the app. Users can easily change backgrounds, and fonts, adjust colours, and customise other icons of the app. Additionally, you can use different styles of chat bubbles. FMWhatsApp allows you to choose the bright colours of the app. Use the FMWhatsApp APK, and do the exciting customization in this service.

Advanced Security Features


Security is one of the basic needs for every user, everyone to secure their apps and conversations. So, FMWhatsApp APK is one of the best options if you are concerned with your security and privacy. In this app, you will get the service of chat lock, and app lock with password. So you can save and secure your conversation. Ultimately, you can use the WhatsApp messaging app with excellent security. Further, there is no need to operate a separate WhatsApp. You can easily use FMWhatsApp on your Android device.

Anti Ban


FMWhatsApp provides the Antiban feature, by using this feature and avoiding your WhatsApp from being banned. This function is valuable, and you can easily modify apps on your device like FMWA APK. In this way, you can restrict your account from banning the official app. So, the users who want to use the advanced version of the FMWA APK, can use it without any worry and get the benefits of using these features.

DND Mode


DND Mode in the FMWhatsApp allows you to turn off all your notifications coming on WhatsApp. This feature helps you to watch or use any other app without disturbing WhatsApp notifications. Sometimes, you are doing important work or watching your favourite entertainment show, and you want no one to disturb you. In this situation, turn off this function from the settings.

Status Downloading


FMWhatsApp allows you to download the status of any user. Official WhatsApp will not provide this feature. You must install a downloader for this. This function is helpful for people who want to get other people's statuses. So, get the FMWA APK on your device and start downloading the status of other users. One of the remarkable things is that you get the status video without any watermark and use it anywhere.

Group Settings


This advanced app allows you to customise the group settings. You can hide the group name and change the chat background of the group. Further, various other features of group settings are also accessible in this app. Users can conveniently manage their group with the help of this function free of cost.

Always Online


Sometimes you want to be active online on WhatsApp but it is impossible. Use the FMWhatsApp on your device and use the feature of staying online always. Use this app and set the status in which you want to stay online always or offline mode even if you are online on WhatsApp. So, this modified app helps you if you want to stay online all the time on WhatsApp.

Chat Backup


Sometimes, you are going to change your device and want to save your WhatsApp data. Using the FMWA APK, get the backup of all your data through Google Drive. Using this remarkable feature of this app, you can easily back up all your chats and media. This app is updated regularly, and it has the option of using storage. So, use this advanced service and save all your data in your phone's memory. It is one of the secure and safe methods available for this modified app. So get this APK service today on your device and avail this feature.

Message Scheduler


Users will get another function of this stunning app, you can schedule their messages and send them for a specific time. This feature helps you to send the message for a customised time, no matter if you are online or offline. This function is valuable for people who forget to send messages for a specific time. You can also use this feature for sending birthday wishes, and other important messages.

Auto Reply


Additionally, this modified version allows you to send auto replies when you are busy. This feature is important for individuals as well as professionals. If you are a professional, it is important to reply to your customers on time. When anyone uses the auto-reply features, it helps to increase their engagement with concerned people. It's one of the best features that you will get from this advanced version of WhatsApp.

How To Download And Install FMWhatsApp On Android?

However, the downloading and installing method is simple, and you can easily get the FMWhatsApp on your device. You need to follow the given instructions:

  • First of all, you must Allow unknown sources from your phone settings. For this purpose, go to the Device> Open Settings> Tap On Security>Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Now, get the APK link of this app from this authentic website.
  • Click on to download the APK file and the download will complete within a few minutes. After this, click on the file for putting in the app for your device.
  • Follow the instructions that seem on the screen for installing the app.
  • When the installation is complete, open the FMWhatsApp APK and start using its features.


What is FMWhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp is the advanced version of the official WhatsApp and you will get access to the enhanced features with zero cost.

Can I Use FM WhatsApp Without Uninstalling the Official WhatsApp?

Yes, it is possible to use both apps at the same time on your device. You will not face any kind of issue.

Is FMWhatsApp Free to Use?

Yes, users can get and use this app free of cost on their Android devices.

Is FM WhatsApp Legal?

It is a third-party app and can create any issue, you may use this app at your own risk.

Can I Get Banned From Using FMWhatsApp?

No, you can not face the issue of FMWhatsApp banning when using this modified version on your phone.


Finally, this post offers all of the vital facts associated with the FMWhatsApp APK and their abilities. Users can get the trendy version of this app from this page. After this, start using the stunning and remarkable features of FMWhatsApp on your device. Using this enhanced app and communicating with people in a new way. So, get this app on your device and get access to the valuable features of this FMWhatsApp APK.

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