WhatsApp Omar Apk v57 Download (Official) Latest for Android - Anti Ban

App Name WhatsApp Omar Apk
Publisher GBWHAT
Size 75 MB
Latest Version v57
Get it On Google Play
Required 4.4 +
MOD For Android
Genre Communication
Developer Omar Badib
Update 4 months ago
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Numerous customized versions of WhatsApp are accessible, and these versions also feature a multilingual interface. It can be translated into your native tongue. Still, I will talk about the most widely used WhatsApp in the Arab world today—WhatsApp Omar Apk. This makes a ton of other features and feature additions possible. You can download the WhatsApp Omar apk if you want to get its premium features for nothing.

WhatsApp Omar Apk against ban is a messaging app that works with a variety of gadgets. The application is free to use and does not impose a monthly message-sending fee, with the exception of messages that are lengthy or shorter.

What is WhatsApp Omar Apk?

Omar Badib was the one who designed and developed this version of WhatsApp. It differs from other modes in that it has various colour themes, with pink being the most popular. This app also offers more than ten different WhatsApp colour themes. Due to its unique font, this application is most popular in Arabic.

Features of WhatsApp Omar App

Ten Different Colour Themes

You can use both light and dark themes on WhatsApp, but they are not customizable and they change over time. The ten greatest colour themes for WhatsApp can be downloaded for free with this mod APK if you would like to use a different theme. While many other mod versions of WhatsApp have themes, their quantity is likewise restricted.

Support 20 Plus Languages

You can use more than 20 languages with this application, and switching between them is simple and customizable to your needs. Simply select your settings and activate the language switcher button.

Different Arabic Font Styles

Although there are numerous other font styles that you can use, this application is primarily focused on Arabic font style because, as you know, it is most popular among Arabs. You can customize the font styles, though, as the Arabic font style is still widely used.

Bot Messages

You can chat with people and send messages using this application. You only need to set up a bot and choose a few contacts for it to start sending messages on your behalf to your contacts.

View Deleted Messages

The best feature of this application is the ability to restore deleted messages. You can easily see deleted messages if you enable the anti-deleted tab in the settings.

Arabic Translation

When someone communicates with you in a language other than your own, you will be unable to understand them. After that, this app will recognize the message right away and translate it into your native tongue.

Hide Call Log

This application is the best way to protect your privacy because it allows you to hide the details of your calls and prevents anyone from viewing your call history.

Listen to Voice Messages Outside the Chat

One feature that lets users record messages and listen to them outside of the chat—that is, without participating in the conversation—is the ability to play audio recordings outside of the chat. voice and engage in other activities without requiring us to carry on a conversation.

Displaying Sound Waves for Recorded Messages

You can see recorded voice messages as visual sound waves when they are sent through WhatsApp Omar's most recent version of the application. To aid in tracking the recording, users can select the kind of sound they wish to hear when viewing the recorded message's sound waves.

Listen to Audio Notes Before Sending Them

Have you ever questioned whether leaving that voicemail earlier would have been prudent? Or have you ever regretted not rushing to reply right away in the audio recording of that WhatsApp conversation with Omar instead of speaking softly? You can now hear your voice messages on WhatsApp omar 2023 before forwarding them to the recipient thanks to this new feature. This will let you add any additional information to the voice message or fix any errors.

Encryption and Privacy

WhatsApp Omar Pro has long been known for its end-to-end encryption and privacy features. However, the creator and programmer of this version recently began adding an incognito mode to WhatsApp Omar, a feature of privacy settings called Hide Connected Now, in an attempt to attract more users. The WhatsApp Plus privacy settings are identical to those of the original green WhatsApp.

Stable Version

There are multiple WhatsApp versions available for Omar. Still, we tested this version and it has no viruses. This application is in stable version, and all of its features are functioning as intended.

Other Features of Omar WhatsApp Apk

  • Turn off the internet for the app only and activate the dark mode.
  • Set your status to a 10-minute video rather than a 30-second one.
  • Message numbers that have not been saved.
  • Send numerous images and videos to numerous groups.
  • Restore the status of your friends.


The Arabic and many other languages that WhatsApp Omar apk is translated into can be found online. This version of WhatsApp can help people who live in the Middle East who do not speak Arabic by simplifying their tasks. There is auto-recovery for deleted messages on WhatsApp. Additionally, you can directly download high-quality WhatsApp status updates.


Because it is an unofficial WhatsApp app created by a single developer, there are still concerns regarding data security. The lack of a payment mechanism, which is present in the current green version of WhatsApp, is the second drawback.


With the ability to translate messages into your native tongue, this app is most popular in South Africa and the Middle East. You can test the premium features of this application for free if you are from an Arabic country, as it is primarily focused on those nations and the Arabic language. I hope this piece is enjoyable to you. You can message us and leave a comment if you have any questions.


Is WhatsApp Omar safe to use?

All versions of Omar WhatsApp are secure and free of bans; the chats are encrypted from end to end, and no one can hack or spy on your conversations.

4.8 / 5 ( 50 votes )

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