WhatsApp Prime APK v11.20 Download Latest Version (Updated)

App Name WhatsApp Prime APK
Publisher GBWHAT
Size 42 MB
Latest Version v11.20
Get it On Google Play
Required 4.4 +
MOD For Android
Genre Communication
Developer Sam Mods
Update 4 months ago
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Today we introduce you to WhatsApp Prime APK Download, which includes several additional features more than the standard application. Therefore, practically everyone enjoys using the application to have endless fun. WhatsApp Prime Apk is a customized version of the main WhatsApp app for Android users. The makers of the app have included some extremely great features for users that will make them forget about the original WhatsApp and leave it behind. When compared to other programs, it includes some additional wonderful features that you will undoubtedly like.

This type of third-party development, which is not permitted by Facebook owners since WhatsApp code is not open source, enhances the original app's capabilities and features. You may use this application to make video or voice calls, record videos, and much more.

WhatsApp Prime: Functionalities and features

Increased video size

The video-sending size has been increased to 70 MB in this version of WhatsApp.

Copy Status

If you want to download someone's status, you can copy it to the clipboard of your status bar.

Better File Transfer Option

This upgraded version of the application can transfer up to 300 items at once, including pictures, videos, zip files, and documents.

Media preview without downloading

You do not need to download media because it can be seen without downloading any file. This feature is helpful in saving the storage of your phone.

Disable reply option

You have the option to disable replies to your contacts. This indicates that you can send messages but cannot respond since your connection is unavailable. This function allows for one-way communication.

Anti Status Delete

You also receive an anti-status deletion function in this Whatsapp mod apk, which allows you to check the deleted statuses of your Whatsapp friends and family. Not only can you look into those deleted Whatsapp statuses, but you can even react to and download them.

Update regularly

WhatsApp Prime app updates and upgrades on a regular basis to correct or remove dangerous errors. As a result, you always receive a quick, fast, and new app.

Never limit

Apps are created by developers using a lawful set of codes and protocols. As a consequence, you will never be prohibited from using your current app again.

Two-step authentication

Two-factor authentication helps to keep your account secure. When you use a mobile device to authenticate your account, you will receive an automated code or OTP. As a result, you may avoid or avoid unauthorized access to your account.

Support DND mode

You may disable alerts and notifications by using Do Not Disturb Mode (DND). You may also silence calls to avoid receiving unwanted calls. You may also choose which alerts, notifications, and phone calls to enable.

Support Anti revoke message

Enabling Anti-revoke allows you to access deleted messages and files even if the sender deletes them permanently. It is a really beneficial tool for users. However, the original WhatsApp does not allow you to view deleted messages and files.

Preserve Image Quality

The application keeps your images in the same format that you uploaded them in. The receiver will receive the same file size and resolution.

Share large-size files

People usually use WhatsApp Prime since it allows them to exchange up to 1 GB of various files at the same time. The official app, on the other hand, can only send 16 MB. As a result, this customized program is the primary choice for sharing huge files.


This mod app is small in size. It does not take up a lot of space or memory on your device. As a result, it has no effect on the speed of your device.

Anti Ban

The most recent version of Whatsapp Prime includes an anti-ban feature that protects your account from being banned.

Disable and activate the call button

It is possible to press the call button by accident while opening a chat. This issue has been resolved. The connect button can be enabled and disabled at any time.

Extended character limit

The character limit has been increased for text status. You now have more personal freedom.

Last words

Whatsapp Prime apk is a customized version of the official Whatsapp that includes several more features not seen in the regular Whatsapp. It is based on GBWhatsApp and was created by unidentified developers. Whatsapp Transparent Prime apk is another name for it. You may get the most recent version of this Whatsapp mod apk here. It has wonderful functions like Whatsapp status download, anti-ban, anti-message erase, and much more. You are able to do a lot more with the help of these features.


How do you update the Whatsapp Prime APK?

Keep checking the website for the latest updates of the app.

Does Whatsapp Prime APK come with Anti Ban feature?

Yes, Whatsapp Prime apk includes an anti-ban feature that protects your account from being banned.

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