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Sometimes continuously using the same things makes life so boring. Do you want to add change to your life? Do you want to experience the new look of your favourite communication app called WhatsApp? GBWhatsApp comes with an advanced feature for Insta GB WhatsApp themes also available. In this post, you will learn all about the GB WhatsApp themes.

How To Download And Apply GB Whatsapp Themes?

The process is straightforward and you can download and apply your favourite WhatsApp theme. You need to follow the given steps:

  • Open your phone.
  • From your screen tap on the GB WhatsApp.
  • Now you need to click on the three-dot button from the right corner of the app.
  • The GB menu will open on the screen and click on the GB settings.
  • From the settings of the app open the Download Themes.
  • Now a list of themes is available on the screen.
  • After this tap to Apply the theme.
  • In this way, the theme will be downloaded and applied on WhatsApp.
  • For better change, you need to restart the app.
  • Finally, the theme will apply.

Download GBWhatsApp Theme

How To Delete WhatsApp Themes?

This method is also simple, and you can easily do it and follow the instructions:

  • First, open your GB WhatsApp on your phone.
  • To open the menu, click on the three-dot button from the right corner of the app.
  • After this, scroll down and select the More Option.
  • Now click on the Clear button.
  • In this way, you remove the theme.

How To Restore The Default GB WhatsApp Theme?

If a user wants to set the default theme of WhatsApp, you need to follow the given instructions.

  • For this, open the GB WhatsApp on your mobile.
  • From the right corner of the app tap on the three dot buttons.
  • Now scroll down and open the More Options
  • After this app is required to restart.
  • You must restart the GB Whatsapp.
  • Finally, your default theme will be set on the GB WhatsApp.

Best Choice From GBWhatsApp Themes

The following are the best theme list of GB WhatsApp themes, user can use these themes according to their need:

Chelsea Theme:

Use the Chelsea theme to give your mobile UI a streamlined, contemporary look. This theme is essential to get if you value simplicity and want a clear and uncomplicated user interface.

Madrid View:

With this theme, you may fully immerse yourself in the lively streets of Madrid. Get this theme to infuse your mobile app with the vibrant spirit of Madrid.

High in the Sky:

This theme provides a distinctive aerial view for those who enjoy wide-open spaces and desert vistas. This theme is ideal for download if you enjoy the charm of isolated places.

It’s Google:

The "It's Google" theme transports you back in time by turning your app into a retro video game UI. This theme is perfect for those who are nostalgic and nerdy in heart.


The Helado theme will give your home screen a cold, refreshing touch while filling your phone with delightfully pleasant ice cream tones.


Use the Toast theme on your smartphone to capture the spirit of a summertime beach vista. Using this theme will fill your gadget with the cozy, carefree atmosphere of a beach day.

GBWhatsApp, tailored for Android devices, offers an effortless way to download videos from renowned social media and entertainment sites including YouTube, Facebook, Snaptik, Instagram, DailyMotion, and GB WhatsApp. Furthermore, it provides the capability for users to convert downloaded videos into MP3 format, making it easy to store and access them conveniently.


The Football theme guarantees a continuous connection to the sport you love for passionate football supporters. Use this theme to make your love of football stand out on your mobile device.


Take on a striking and edgy appearance with the Skull theme, which has a skull as the background to give your phone a pirate-themed appearance.

Last Words

Lastly, you will learn all about the GB WhatsApp themes from the above content. It is a simple and easy process to install and apply your favorite themes on your WhatsApp.

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